Sew Heart Felt: English Craftsmanship

Sew Heart Felt is truly an international business embracing England, Switzerland, Nepal, New
Zealand and India, with families and friends working together at every step of the way. It operates on a Fairtrade basis and use organic materials.

Every piece of handmade felt in their collection starts life as a drawing on a farmhouse table in leafy Oxfordshire – created by UK award winning designer Sonia Spencer.  The drawing goes to Kathmandu in Nepal where ‘Wet felting’ designs get made into prototypes by skilled felt makers and seamstresses.

A traditional craft of the Nepalese villages, wet felt making and designing is a group activity at the workshop – with teams of women working together with great skill and expertise to craft the slippers, furnishings, clothing and Objet d’art in the Sew Heart Felt collections.

Felt is made from Lamb’s wool and the workshop gets its supply of pure, natural wool from Tibet or New Zealand. The pigments for dyeing are sourced from Switzerland – especially selected to be safe, natural and eco-friendly. 

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