Brand/ Supplier References

Trade Specials LIVE! has taken our Crystal Candy brand of unique cake decorating collections from just being stocked by retailers in our home market of Johannesburg to virtually every key global territory including the UK, USA and Europe. Highly recommended.

Alex Davies. Director. Crystal Candy

We have just started to work with Trade Specials LIVE! but we are impressed with their marketing know-how and passion to get results.

Its great to be able to stand-out from the crowd and receive personal attention rather than be just one of many, many brands on Etsy and other sites.

Corinne Lapierre Craft Kits. UK

Buyer References

Great prices and customer service. We would never have heard of Corinne Lapierre Craft kits if we had not been contacted by Trade Specials LIVE!

Cybil Perry. My Stitch Central. USA

San Diego Hat Company has both improved sales and improved brand awareness in the UK and Europe thanks to their efforts.......persistant, motivated, and great marketing.

Julia Winn. San Diego Hat Company. USA

We have worked with Trade Specials LIVE! for over a year now and they are superb marketers, always offering something new to buyers.

Alan Tetreault. Owner. Global Sugar Art. USA's Largest Cake Decorating Supplier