Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the New Pet Accessorie Product Supply Service Work? Trade customers must place and pay for their retail order with the Best of World Brands Service by the Order Deadline Date shown to take advantage of UPTO 80% OFF GLOBAL SHIPPING wherever you are in the world! 

How Can We Offer Upto 80% Off Global Shipping Rates? It's simple! We combine all the orders together to save money!

We place the 'just in time' order with the manufacturer and it is sent to our warehouse to be forwarded to the customer within 7 - 10 working days. We do not hold any stock.

What Best of World Brands are Currently Available for Retailers?

A retailer can buy any brand and product from anywhere using the Best of World Brand service. Its that simple.

For example, a retailer in the USA might want to purchase brands from the UK, EU. 

Or a UK retailer might want to buy brands from the USA.

If you are an Australian retailer then you can choose from a vast selection of the best  products from the USA, UK and EU!

What type of business benefits from this new service? All sized businesses who want access to a vast selection of the best brands. However, especially small to medium sized pet accessory retailers for whom it has not been financially viable to purchase and choose from a huge selection of brands from another continent before.

Where Do the Products I Order Actually Come From? They come directly from the manufacturer. For example, a UK customer may order several US brands: these are sent from each US brand into our UK warehouse where they are combined into one large consignment and sent onto the customer.

How Can it Be Upto 80% Off Intercontinental or Country to Country Shipping? Each customer order is combined together into one large shipment and sent to the appropriate warehouse. This saves substantially on shipping costs. This saving is passed onto the customer.

What are the Advantages of this New Ordering Concept? 

Upto 80% Off Intercontinental, Country to Country or Local Shipping: it is now financially viable for small to medium sized businesses to buy and choose from a vast selection of products from suppliers they normally couldn't afford to buy from because of the shipping costs!

A far wider choice of brands and products from each continent than a standard 'bricks and mortar' local supplier can offer. Plus all the very latest products.

Ok but I need the goods immediately: we can your quote a special shipping rate from our range of carriers. Simply send us a screen shot of your order via email to [email protected] and we will let you the shipping cost.

PRICE MATCH PROMISE !!!!! We will try to match the product price of any of our competitors in the market based on present or past purchase! Simply email a copy of your last invoice or 'basket' screen shot as proof to [email protected]  Terms and Conditions HERE!

Quick delivery!

Low product costs! We have negotiated special product prices with each brand. Plus we do not incorporate the shipping costs into the cost of the products! 

What are the Prices Breaks Available and the Minimum Order Quantity? The more a company or individual orders, the lower the product prices.

  • MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY is only £200. Plus a minimum of £200 of mixed products per brand.
  • *** If you would like to order a lower amount then please create a basket of products and email us at [email protected] to let us know. We will send you an invoice with a small carriage charge added due to the lower order value. ***
  • Discount details are available in the introductory email sent out to all new account registrars.

What types of payments are available?

Online Payments: Payment is made at the online checkout using Paypal, STRIPE and all debit and credit cards.

Bank Transfers: Alternatively an order can be saved and emailed directly to our office for payment via bank transfer.

Virtual Terminal: pay by phone by calling our Payment Hotline on 00 44 (0) 7504 931 732. Simply send a screen shot of your order via email to [email protected]

Other Questions!

What happens if I need the order quickly? We can offer a free expedited shipping quote.

If you have any questions that have not been answered in this section then please email [email protected] or call 00 44 (0) 7504 931 732