Suppliers. Brands. Producers. Welcome to Best of World Brands Trade Boutique. Where You NEVER Pay Commission. Unlike With Our Competitors.

How It Works. No Commission & No Fees

How It Works

We use our sales and marketing expertise to increase your sales to retailers around the world through social media, sales calls, samples, targeted email campaigns and personal vissits wher available.  (We liaise with you to make sure we don't sell to existing buyers or in existing distributors territories).

We market the products, generate a sale, get paid by the buyer, place the order with you, pay you, and arrange for collection and delivery to the buyer with our UPS account. No credit is required.

No Commission or Other Charges! We never charge commission to a brand or supplier. We simply request your very best trade prices. And there are no other hidden charges either.

The Perfect Partner For Brands Who Want To Develop New Markets Around the World

We are the perfect partner for brands who want to develop specific markets around the world without having to put together and manage their own sales team.

We are a team of marketers and sales people, qualified upto Chartered Institute of Marketing post graduate level but also with real-life marketing experience in business and commerce.

We Organise Virtually-Free or FREE International Shipping. So You Don't Have To!

We organise the collection of orders from you to the retailer using our own UPS account.

We also organise all shipping documents such as commercial invoices and shipping duty .... saving you time and money.

Working Together to Offer Great Sales Promotions!

When a retailer stocks a new brand its always important to offer a great sales promotions to encourage trial by consumers.

So we work with brands to create sales promotions that a retailer can offer to consumers during and also after the trial period.